Honesty. Loyalty. Integrity. #JFDI. #DBaD.

These five things power our culture. They permeate in to every conversation, every decision and every action that we take as a team.

This is the way we think, act and feel about sales and marketing.

We understand that to stand head and shoulders above the noise we have to change the way that business views these essential services.

Our Vision: To change the way the World sees sales and marketing for the better.

Our Mission: By delivering the results our clients expect, using only the best collaboration partners, never compromising on our core values, we aim to help every single business to love sales and marketing.

What started off as a conversation between a ‘sales guy’ and a ‘marketing gal’ turned an idea in to a reality.



You see if you ever get a Sales Professional and a Marketing Professional to agree you really should bottle it. So that’s what we did.

When a business understands that these two key disciplines are inextricably linked and that to get the best out of a business requires them to work in perfect harmony, well that’s where the magic happens. So, as a result, we bring those skills together for you.

The people we found, well that’s the heart of XYZ, each a true professional in their own field, working in perfect synchronicity.

Ian Pownall – 
The Sales Bloke.

It was once observed by Ian’s coach Daksha that he makes cold calls to unwind. That pretty much sums him up. Ian also has a very high word count, a passion for coffee, and an uncanny knack of being able to see your business through the eyes of your buyers, prospect and customers. He connects the dots of sales problems, helps every single person he meets to love sales, and more often than not entirely changes their minds about what it means to be a sales person.
E:  Ian@salesconsultant.xyz
M: 07753 662973

Seleena Creedon –
The Marketing Gal.

The Yin of Marketing to Ian’s Yang of Sales. Seleena brings planning to the table, 30, 60, 90 days and longer, she can see the future, at least what we should be doing in it. Understanding your brand and how to get it in front of the right people, at the right time, in the right way, Ian is often heard saying that Seleena makes his job so much easier. Having the right marketing to back up sales is the key. Balancing our drive to pick up the phone immediately, Seleena brings a calm to the team long after Ian’s attention span has evaporated.
E:  seleena@credomarketing.co.uk
M: 07813 124693

Daksha Patel –
Our Chief Heart Officer.

Using science to explain and build resilience in everyone she works with. Daksha reminds the team, and our clients, that simply breathing is a good place to start. Understanding that there is often a degree of self sabotage at play Daksha works with our clients so that they understand how their strategy will bring up the stories they tell themselves, which in turn will greatly effect how they then think, feel and act. Daksha gets the absolute BEST out of everyone.
E: DakshaPatel@your-mind-at-work.com
M: 07815 793597