Why Choose XYZ

XYZ taps in to the idea of an expert economy. We stay in our own lanes, we only do what we are best at and we do what’s right for YOU.

By collaborating we provide the best service for each element of the sales and marketing process. We understand that there are many disciplines in our fields. We don’t try to be experts where we are not.

By understanding how sales and marketing work together, we show our clients how to get the right blend. So if you are looking to identify and attract customers, then win, retain and prosper with them, we can help you with the things that will make a difference.

Sales, Marketing or both?


Chose from three levels of service: do you need training how to do it, support with doing it yourself or all of it done for you?

This includes sales training/mentor-ship. Outbound sales calling. Lead Generation. List Building. We love to sell, our stuff, your stuff, everything. It makes us happy to start conversations with your ideal clients.



Confused by the amount of options available to you and want to know which would work best?

Website, Social Media, Networking, Exhibitions, Email Campaigns, Direct Mail. These are ALL viable options. Helping you to chose the right one, at the right time, so it supports your sales goals… refreshingly obvious?



Ian is probably the best Sales Coach and Sales Process advisor I have ever encountered, and I’ve encountered many. He effortlessly helps his clients become clear in what it is they want to achieve as a sales person and he follows this by transforming them into a permanent “go get it” state of mind.

 Anne Jackson – Life Coach

Since starting my own business ‘selling myself’ has been something I have struggled with. I didn’t have the confidence to shout about what I do and how well I do it and even though I didn’t think about this as ‘sales’, essentially that’s exactly what it is. For anyone that thinks ‘sales’ is a dirty word, or shudders at the thought of implementing a sales strategy, XYZ is definitely for you.

Lisa Valentine – LV Business Support

If you have finally ‘made up your mind’ to learn more about sales and to be reminded of ‘how to breath’ and why it’s so important to get both right, then XYZ is for you.

Mandy Ward – Mandy Ward Coaching

Damn you’re good!

James Turner – Crestline Print

I have no hesitation in recommending XYZ for their vast knowledge, down to earth approach and positivity in our business. They get the best out of people.

Helen Scott – Dunrich Soft Furnishings

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